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My 96' CR's starter was working, but I had an annoying 1+ second delay before it would engage. So like others before me I have gone about upgrading the wiring to the starter, battery terminals, etc. Also like others, I've found a rusted starter terminal lug and buggered the thing up trying to free it up. Not only can I not get it off, but I'm sure I broke contact with the braided brush wire, as the starter motor now just produces a puff of smoke when prompted.

So I did some reserch and it looks like I can pull the oil lines and with some effort remove the starter cap to get to the brushes and such. So my question is, can I get away with just replacing the rusty terminal, or do I need a whole brush kit now? I REALLY don't want to pull the L hand cover if I don't have to. I am having a difficult time finding the correct terminal or brush kit as well, (in the states) as all links on Ducati forums for these items are bad. Someone used a Kawi piece 21169-1058 for a Monster, but I'm not sure it would fit my bike.

Any input would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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