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Finally got to my 74 000 km pull down.

After having the tank almost empty for a couple of weeks and really stale and old fuel in it previously I wasn't really all that surprised when the pump did not prime when I turn the key. I could hear relays cycling but no pump. Bike is happy to spin over cranking but I am sure there will be no running with the pump cycling.

Believed the old fuel had varnished the internals and bound the pump up. I make a wash bucket of injector cleaner and soaked the pump in that. Tried to cycle the pump fwd and rev using some jump terminals on the battery. It almost sounded to spin then all went silent. tried that a few more times over the last week.

Bought a new pump, just a generic one the same physical size, Hyundai Sonata ($48). I believe the pumps to mostly be the same just different filters.

Assembled it all today, filled up the tank and hooked everything back up. Cycled the ignition and I am back to the relays clicking, no pump whirrr. Fuses good, relays swapped.

unplugged the waterproof connector and hooked up the test light. I am sure the red and black wires are the pump but there is no sign of voltage on the terminals when the relays cycle. Not sure if I should see it there or not. Fuel light is not on and I think the sensor wire has power.

Can't see where the wires go from there but it looks like up to the ECU.

anything else to try before I pull the tank filler out again and start to try to trace the wiring?

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