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Sticky Throttle

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Anyone else experienced a sticking throttle? Noticed it yesterday. It's not bad, feels like you are on cruise control at low revs.

The throttle appears to be closing all the way, but still seems to remain very, very slightly open at times, enough to get the cruise control effect. If I then twist to close it again, it then closes, but there is hardly any additional movement when I do that (like a mm it seems).

Not sure if its the cable, throttle body or something else. The bike has 120 miles on it.

Is there an easy fix I can look at doing for this? or best to take it bake to the dealer?
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You will have to take it in soon for the first service...just ask them about it then, unless you think it is a dangerous condition.

FYI, my bet is on the cables not being adjusted properly.
Let the dealership address the issue..

Get some more miles on the bike before bring her in; nothing to stress over.
Yea I'd get the dealer to look at it. I know on my 848 streetfighter there was an evap hose too close to the throttle body where they are connected together by a metal shaft. Couldn't really adjust without taking off parts and really getting in there. Dealer fixed it up easy at the first service.
Had a similar stickey throttle problem, but it stuck all the way open. As it turned out, the cop didn't buy my bullshit story, and wrote the ticket.
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