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Stimacsays, who's that girl in your pic?

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Anyone have hot pics of their girls with their Ducs?

Stimacsays looks like he's got a hottie brunette.
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who's that girl

The Hooters gal in Salt Lake beleve it or not is only like 3 years yonger than me. Dont remember her name. The one with the 1098 was a model from the Loveland Co. fassion and unvailing show, she was nice to stay after the so so I could get that photo, I dont remember her name. The twins are also from the Love land show and stayed after at my request, dont remaember names. I have a real problem with that. Now the smoken blond you will not see posted is my very payshent wife that took my photo with the 1098, she would kill me for posting her.
If she would have taken the photos of the gals, well boy, then we would have some nice pixs.
and my frend Dave took the photo in Salt Lake, He is short so he always cuts my head off.
I just tryed to up-load sed photos, but are to big, so see my photo gallery.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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