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STM GP slipper clutch

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Any one try the new STM GP slipper clutch. Does it runner cooler. Can it get you through traffic with out getting grabby ? :shitfan:
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Grabbiness is actually a character trait of steel friction plates and has little to do with the clutch assembly itself.

The STM GP clutch looks like the same ol' design they've been using for a while (in a different package). It's a very smooth slipper, excellent and smooth disengagement. I've used them in dry clutch bikes and wet clutch bikes for years and have found them to be excellent. You won't be disappointed with it if you choose to go that direction. The other benefit to the STM GP clutch is the use of 40 pin plates, which quiet the clutch tremendously.

The only downside to the STM is the proprietary components and plates. Dry clutches wear much faster then wet clutches and being stuck in the non-standard STM world can be a problem if they stop making the components 4 years from now when the clutch is totally kaputt. That's why I've stuck with the standard 12 pin clutch systems for my personal bikes over the years.
i have one sitting in a box by my desk but obviously have yet to use it. I bought it because i liked everything about it but i really didn't need it . The stm sbk evo slipper im using currently isn't in need of replacement and works incredibly well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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