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Here's what I have:

1) Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket, Brown, XL (44/46 US): $450
2) RS Taichi RSJ826 Jacket, Black/White, 50 US: $400
3) Bell Star Carbon "Black Beauty," S, w/Dark Smoke Shield: $350
4) Dainese Steel Core Gauntlet Gloves, Black/White, XL: $150

Hey guys,

I have way too much gear, parts, etc. just taking up space at this point, so its time to get rid of everything but the basics.

Good news is I bought only the best gear, and I barely used it. So everything I'm selling is in top notch condition. Look at the pics and you'll see what I mean. If there is a single scratch on anything, it will be in the description.

Thanks for looking, feel free to PM me with any questions or offers (if you send me an offer...be prepared to negotiate. ;) )

All prices are PLUS shipping. I don't ship internationally, sorry fellas but it's just too much of a pain. Shipping will by default done via USPS Priority unless you request something else; you pay the shipping, you call it.


1) Icon 1000 Brown Leather Jacket, Size XL: $450

LIKE NEW! This jacket is so damn amazing, I bought two of them, brown and black! I love this jacket. The brown color is absolutely gorgeous. Problem is, it just doesn't match my bike or any of my other gear at all, and I have enough black gear that does.

I've worn this jacket on only one ride, and 3 or 4 times out on the town. You WILL get compliments on this thing, particularly on the color, guaranteed. I'm keeping my black one instead, but I'll tell you right now, the brown is a better looking jacket hands down. Looks awesome with a sport bike, cruiser, or standard (or hell, just standing around.)

I am 6'2", 215, with an athletic build, and this jacket fits me well but on the loose side (my other one is an L and fits a little snugly, but I think it looks better.) If you're a bigger guy, this jacket accommodates that with a roomier fit.

Completely like new, with original tags, only $450!

Without liner

With liner (it's an awesome looking red, looks pink in the photo but its not!)

D3O armor (this stuff is cool; it's soft and pliable, but hardens on impact, NOT BULKY at all)

Back of the jacket (venting is just okay in this jacket, that's not really what its made for)

Size XL 44/46 US

The details really make this jacket, check them out:


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RS Taichi RSJ826 Jacket, Black/White, 50 US

2) RS Taichi RSJ826 Jacket, Black/White, 50 US: $400

I love the RS Taichi brand so much I have two of their jackets, and a one-piece track suit. If you haven't tried out this cool Japanese gear, look into it - it's top-notch quality, unique, and looks perfect with a sport bike like an 848 which is what I wore it with.

The fit on this jacket is a pretty tailored, slim fit cut; unlike the Icon above, if you have any extra weight, this jacket probably won't be too flattering. It's built with an aggressive pre-curve, but it has a lot of Keprotec and stretch panels so it doesn't feel stiff at all. There is TONS of perf on RS Taichi; it is full leather, but it seriously flows air like a mesh jacket.

Sizing is 50 US, but it fits more like a 46-48 long. I'm 6'2" 215, but the sleeves are a little long so I think it would fit an athletic guy from 6'2" to 6'6" well. I've worn this jacket probably on 15-20 rides, and have taken excellent care of it; not a spot on it, and I have cleaned and conditioned it 2 or 3 times (I take care of my gear like a madman.)

RS Taichi is amazing gear for sport bikes, try it out (even if you don't buy this jacket!)

The RSJ826, tons of stretch, tons of perf.

Interior view of the jacket's bare mesh inner liner.

With the wind blocking liner in. That's all the insulation you get with this one!

Better view of the wind blocking liner.

Wind blocking liner by itself.

It comes with full CE-rated shoulder/elbow armor and a nice Knox back protector standard.

Size 50 US, but not a lot of room for bulk if you have it...RS Taichi stuff has a very fitted cut!

The race hump isn't too big or too obvious on this jacket.

This jacket has a LOT of perf!

CE-rated armor, of course.

RS Taichi RSJ826 Jacket, Black/White, 50 US: $400

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Bell Star Carbon "Black Beauty," S, w/Dark Smoke Shield

3) Bell Star Carbon "Black Beauty," S, w/Dark Smoke Shield: $350

This is one of the most popular Bell Star Carbon graphics made and it looks amazing. The gothic gray design over the carbon peeking through underneath just looks sick, and the metallic paint and mint green pinstripe look a lot better in person than in pics.

The Star itself is a badass helmet if you like to go fast. My daily driver is an RX-Q I beat the crap out of, and its comfortable but not nearly as stable as the Star is at high speeds. The Star just slices through the air. It might be the pronounced spoiler in the back, I don't know, but it just works. Oh, and it flows air like no other helmet I've ever worn!

The only thing wrong with this helmet is the rock chip on the top front (see pics.) I planned to cover it up with some silver touch-up paint, but didn't want to seem like I was trying to hide anything. Helmet has probably been worn about 20 times, and is super clean. Not in the original box, but it comes with the nicest soft helmet case I've ever seen.

The Bell Star runs almost a size big (look at reviews about this.) This is a Small, but if you wear a Medium you'll be happy with it. If you wear a small and you like a pretty snug fit like I do, you've been warned. Shoei Small is too small for me, Arai is just right, Bell is just a little big on me; this is mostly why I'm selling even though I love this helmet.

Can't get them anywhere else anymore! $350

As close to a 360 view as I could get you.

Opened up.

The Bell Star also has the softest inner liner I've ever worn; kind of a microfiber suede.

Size Small (but it fits more like a Medium, Bell is like this.)

Certs and stuff. DOT and Snell M2010.

The infamous rock chip.

The nicest soft case I've ever seen! This came with the helmet from Bell.

This helmet is just badass. It will be missed.


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Dainese Steel Core Gauntlet Gloves, Black/White, XL

4) Dainese Steel Core Gauntlet Gloves, Black/White, XL: $150

I was dying to get these gloves for the longest time, but about a month after I got them I got a sweet deal on a pair of Full Metal Pros from a riding buddy. I picked those up and ran the piss out of them on the street and track, and even crashed in them, while this pair just sat on the shelf!

Worn less than 10 times. These come with original packaging as well. You can't get these anymore, as Dainese has replaced them with a new model (I like this one better, and I'm not just saying that, I think these look a little more understated.)

Dainese gloves are amazing, I have nothing bad to say about them. These gloves look great with the RS Taichi jacket I'm also selling!

$150 plus shipping!

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