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The Ducati Superbike Team prepares to race in Portugal this weekend

Borgo Panigale (Italy), Tuesday 1 July 2014 – with the first half of the 2014 Superbike World Championship already behind them, the Ducati Superbike Team and riders Chaz Davies and Davide Giugliano now travel to the Portuguese ‘Autodromo Internacional do Algarve’ for round 8.

At the most recent championship round, held at Misano just over one week ago, the team did not collect the kind of results that it had perhaps hoped for at its home track. Although Chaz Davies brought his 1199 Panigale home in fourth place in race 1, he then retired from race 2 after a crash. Davide Giugliano, second on the starting grid, had high hopes for the races but was penalised for a jump start in race 2 and thus concluded the day with an eighth and ninth place finish.

During last year’s Portuguese race weekend, Davies rode his bike to a fifth and sixth place finish. Giugliano had a more difficult day, crashing out of race 1 and finishing race 2 in ninth position. This year, both Ducati Superbike men will be hoping for strong results with their 1199 Panigale bikes, strengthened as a result of progress made thus far.

With seven of fourteen rounds completed, Chaz Davies lies in sixth position in the general standings, followed by teammate Davide Giugliano, seventh. Ducati currently places fourth in the manufacturer’s standings.

Comments ahead of the event:

Chaz Davies – Ducati Superbike Team #7
“Portimao has been a fairly ‘average’ track for me in terms of past results. Heading there in July, in presumably hot conditions, might not be favourable to us, having seen the problems we were having in Sepang and Misano. So we’ll need to continue working to try and increase the levels of grip as, although everyone loses grip to some extent in the heat, for some reason we seem to be suffering a little more. If we can make headway there, I think we can obtain some decent results this weekend.”

Davide Giugliano – Ducati Superbike Team #34
“I’ve never had the best results at Portiamo and I don’t know why because I really like the track – I’ve just not been able to make the most of it. Having said that, this year I had the chance to test there at the start of the season and so I’ll definitely arrive more prepared than in previous years. During the Misano weekend we worked a lot on the bike and electronics in order to be better prepared for hot conditions and although we’re not quite there yet, we’ve definitely taken a big step in the right direction, and so I hope grip is less of an issue at Portimao. Misano was a difficult race day but we collected a lot of useful data that we can use in upcoming races, starting with this weekend.”

Circuit Information:

Country: Portugal
Name: Autodromo Internacional do Algarve
Length of circuit: 4.592 km
Pole Position: right
Race distance: 20 laps/91.840 km

LAP RECORDS: Best lap - Sykes (Kawasaki) 1'42.475 (2013). Superpole – Sykes (Kawasaki) 1'41.360 (2013).

2013 RESULTS: Race 1 - 1. Melandri (BMW); 2. Guintoli (Aprilia); 3. Sykes (Kawasaki). Race 2 – 1. Laverty (Aprilia); 2. Guintoli (Aprilia); 3. Rea (Honda)

Rider Information:

Chaz Davies
Bike: Ducati 1199 Panigale
Race number: 7
Age: 27 (Born 10/02/1987 in Knighton, Wales)
Number of SBK races: 65
Number of wins: 4
Number of podiums: 12

Davies’ SBK track record at Portimao:
2013: Race 1 – 6th, Race 2 – 5th
2012: Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – DNF

Davide Giugliano
Bike: Ducati 1199 Panigale
Race number: 34
Age: 24 (Born 28/10/1989, Rome, Italy)
Number of SBK races: 69
Number of wins: 0
Number of podiums: 5

Giugliano’s SBK track record at Portimao:
2013: Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – 9th
2012: Race 1 – DNF, Race 2 – DNF
2011: Race 1 – 16th, Race 2 – 12th

Weekend schedule (CET-1):

11.45 – 12.30 – SBK Timed Practice 1
15.30 – 16.15 – SBK Timed Practice 2

9.45 – 10.30 – SBK Timed Practice 3
12.30 – 13.00 – SBK Free Practice
15.00 – 15.15 – Superpole 1
15.25 – 15.40 – Superpole 2

9.00 - 9.15 – SBK Warm-up
12.00 – SBK Race 1
15.00 – SBK Race 2

So sorry for the delay on this. Race is happening now. i'll catch you up with HUGE pics soon.

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Great results for Ducati in the 2nd race! Both of them on the podium! Granted it helped that the Aprilias ran into each other but still....they made the best of the situation and Davies had to fight for 3rd at the end.
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So sorry i didn't come up with the rest of this thread and the pics. it's been a busy and difficult week. I will chuck up what i have later and hopefully start a GP preview thread.
Then I have surgery tomorrow so there may be a little delay on the update for that too. But I'll get around to it.
Sorry again, I'll post it, I'm just a bit snowed under especially as i've been attending a 3 day conference in las Vegas via the internet. That's just killing my sleep ;)

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Good luck on the surgery Zoot!

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Hope that your surgery went well Zoot...

I look forward to more pics, and tales from trackside with your insight..

Rest up.. Heal up.. And join us with a cold beverage soon..
Cheers my man..

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Thanks for all the well wishes guys, on here and in private. Too kind. All went well, I came home last night and was on twitter as usual, having a little moan about the huge bandage and being a cry-baby about the pain. I wish I'd have waited, because it's ten times worse today and feels like i've been hit in the head with a hammer. Which I'm sure is a pleasing scenario for some, sometimes ;) anyway, not about me so...
As it's all over I'll just do the Sunday release and add photos as they come out of Photoshop. I'm trying to do those but of course watching FP2 at Sachsenring. So I'll drip feed them into this post.

Both Ducati 1199 Panigale bikes on the podium in today’s second SBK race at Portimao!

Portimao (Portugal), Sunday 6 July 2014 – The Ducati Superbike Team celebrated its first ‘double podium’ of the season at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve in Portugal today, when factory riders Davide Giugliano and Chaz Davies crossed the line in second and third place respectively in this afternoon’s second Superbike race.

Race 1 – Cloudy skies and lower temperatures with respect to yesterday, with a track temperature of 28°C for race 1. From third on the grid, Davies was lying fourth through the first corners. Lapping in sixth position for the best part of ten laps, the British rider was hot on the heels of Guintoli and Rea. He had just passed Rea to move into fifth place on lap twelve when contact with Haslam unfortunately resulted in a crash for both riders. Chaz returned to the garage to repair the footpeg and handlebar that were damaged in the crash. The Ducati Superbike rider then returned to the track for the final laps to check that there were no further problems resulting from the collision, concluding therefore in final eighteenth position.
Giugliano, eighth on the grid, dropped a couple of positions through the first corners. Pushing hard to make up lost ground during the initial stages, he battled with Laverty, passing him on lap four to move into eighth place. In the second half of the race he fought hard against Laverty and Lowes, moving up to sixth position before conceding one place in the final stages, to cross the line seventh.

Race 2 – The day’s second race, run in the rain, was shortened to 18 laps due to full wet conditions. The Ducati Superbike pair held their starting positions through the first couple of laps, lying third (Chaz) and eighth (Davide). In the first half of the race, Davide gradually increased his pace and was able to pass first Haslam and then teammate Davies to take fifth by lap seven. Continuing to gain confidence in the tricky conditions, he began to close the gap between himself and Sykes, passing the Kawasaki rider only a couple of laps later. Lapping in fourth place by lap twelve, a collision between the two Aprilia riders meant that Giugliano moved up to second place. He managed the final phase of the race perfectly, crossing the line second and taking his second podium finish of the 2014 season.
In the opening laps, Chaz battled against the two Aprilias but lost a few positions towards the mid-race point, lying seventh on lap nine. During the second half of the race the British rider was able to get into a good rhythm and particularly enjoyed the final hard-fought laps, in which he battled it out with Lowes and Haslam, passing both to move into third place three laps from the end. Lapping a few seconds behind his teammate, Chaz pushed hard, maintaining third position to the line while also recording, on the very last lap, the fastest lap of the race, in 1’54.118.

The last time two Ducati riders took to the podium together was in 2012, at Misano, when Giugliano closed third behind then teammate Carlos Checa, second.

As round 8 draws to a close, Davies is in sixth position in the general standings, with 159 points, while Giugliano follows, seventh, with 140 points. Ducati lies fourth in the manufacturer’s classification with 207 points.

Quotes after the races:

Davide Giugliano (Ducati Superbike Team #34) – 7th, 2nd
“I’m really pleased. After race one I was confident that I could make a strong second race, also if it were dry, inside the top five at least. After a few problems in warm-up this morning, in race 1 we worked out what we needed to do for race 2 and although that race then turned out to be wet, that turned out to be ok too. You always have to be a bit careful in the wet of course, so I took it easy through the opening laps, it was tough because visibility wasn’t great. Then I started to get into a rhythm and pass a couple of riders. In the final stages I eased off a little, as I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I’m really happy to have closed second, and also very pleased for Ducati, my technicians here at the track but also everyone working back in Borgo Panigale, thanks everyone!”

Chaz Davies (Ducati Superbike Team #7) – 18th, 3rd
“It really means a lot to get a podium in the wet, something I’ve not achieved before, not in Superbike nor Supersport, and for Davide to be there too is really an important result for Ducati today. Race 1 wasn’t easy, I didn’t feel that the bike was quite right. Things were beginning to improve though, and got interesting right when the incident with Leon took place. It was simply a racing incident, I was slightly wider than usual and he saw the gap and went for it… We’d planned to make changes for race 2 if it had been dry, but in the end those changes worked in the wet. It was going ok in the early stages, I struggled a little before starting to build my pace. After the Aprilias went down, I just put my head down and went after the podium. I really enjoyed the final lap, though I was truly on the limit - it also turned out to be the fastest lap of the race. We will definitely go to Laguna Seca in high spirits now.”

Ernesto Marinelli (Ducati Superbike Project Director)
“We’re extremely pleased with this double podium, something we’ve not seen since 2012. I think it’s a nice gift to the Ducatisti who never stopped believing in us, even when things were not going so well. This is another sign of our growth, and crowns the hard work of all of our guys in Ducati, the team and riders who always give their all. This weekend we’ve introduced several components, including new ECU software. All of the material has worked well and both Chaz and Davide are pleased, a sign that the work carried out by our development team and test rider Matteo Baiocco at home is going in the right direction. The result helps and we’ve collated a lot of data that means we will be even more determined when we arrive in Laguna Seca next week.”


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Finally got through these races. What disastrous weather for Portugal in the middle of summer.

But - congratulations to Ducati on 2nd and 3rd in the second race. And to Chaz Davies for the fastest lap in the second race to hold onto third.

OK - they only did so well after the (clearly faster) Aprilias crashed out, but that's racing.

Incidentally I thought the commentators were a little hard on Guintoli, who was clearly quicker than Melandri at that stage, and had the inside line. I think Melandri contributed significantly to their accident.

But he got a decent whack from the bike for his trouble. And Guintoli did an amazing job to catch up after his crash.

Not a big fan of Rea, but he rode a superb race.

So good to see Ducati starting to see a bit of success again. In both WSBK and MotoGP..

Still more work to be done though.

And look after yourself in your post-op phase Zoot. I don't think they wanted you staying up all night for your recovery..

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