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Copied and pasted from ducatiusa.com:


The Contest highlights Ducati Superbike history and performance; one Ducatisti will take home a 2007 1098 Superbike

Cupertino, California – Ducati North America announces the Ducati Superbike Concorso; a competition celebrating over 30 years of Ducati Superbikes.

From Cook Neilson's 1977 Daytona win to the recent introduction of the dramatic 1098, Ducati Superbikes have dominated racing circuits and become style icons worldwide. The Ducati Superbike Concorso highlights the history and spirit of these motorcycles and celebrates the passion of their owners.

The Concorso is open to all 1972-2007 Ducati Superbikes and will recognize performance and history as well as beauty and craftsmanship. The contest consists of four regional rounds, which will coincide with AMA Superbike Championship races. The fifth round will be featured online at www.ducatiusa.com. This will culminate in six finalists and four Ducati-selected wild-cards to be chosen to compete on Ducati Island during the final AMA Superbike Championship round at Laguna Seca in September, 2007.

The Grand Prize winner will take home a new Ducati 1098 Superbike. The top winners in "Modified/Performance Superbike" and "Original/Restored Superbike" categories will each win once-in-a-lifetime trips to Italy, where they will visit the Ducati factory and the Milan Motorcycle show as VIP guests.

"The Superbike Concorso is a celebration of motorcycles that have put Ducati on the map since the 1970’s," said Michael Lock, CEO of Ducati North America. "Many Ducati enthusiasts don't realize just how many significant Superbikes we have built over the years, and how timeless and beautiful the designs are.”

The Superbike Concorso begins at the Fontana, California round of the AMA Superbike Championship on April 27-29, 2007. The event will also make stops at Laguna Seca (July 20-22, 2007), Mid Ohio (August 3-5, 2007) and Road Atlanta (September 1-2, 2007).

Full contest details and further information can be found at www.ducatiusa.com.

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More info has been posted...

What is the Superbike Concorso?

The Superbike Concorso is a competition celebrating Ducati Superbike heritage. The contest offers spectators a chance to see a wide range of beautiful and rare Ducatis and offers contestants a chance to win a new 2007 1098 Superbike.

How do the bikes compete?

There are 5 semi-final rounds (4 at regional rounds at AMA Superbike Championship races and one online round) in which new and old bikes are judged across a number of criteria that best suit each bike. Not all criteria will apply to all bikes and some bikes may be judged across all criteria. The judging criteria include:

PERFORMANCE—includes all performance upgrades from suspension to engine and everything in between.

WORKMANSHIP—takes into account the execution of any modifications that have been made.

VISUAL IMPACT—simply put, does the bike grab you when you look at it? Is it unique and beautiful?

CREATIVITY—rates how well the modifications, workmanship and visual impact meld into a complete bike, a "grand statement."

SOUND—does it sound like a Ducati? This category is not based on what is loudest, but what sounds the best.

HISTORICAL/RARENESS—is the bike historically/period correct? If restored, how close to a historically/period correct state has it been returned to? Rareness, period correctness and difficulty of sourcing correct parts is taken into consideration.

PEOPLES' CHOICE—At every round, spectators will be able to submit their "peoples' choice" vote. Send in your vote! The peoples' choice vote will be considered by the judges when making their final decisions.

Using the above criteria, the judges will select winners in three different classes at each regional round.

BEST OVERALL SUPERBIKE—for the bike which which best embodies the overall spirit of Ducati Superbikes.

MODIFIED/PERFORMANCE—for the bike which best embodies Ducati Superbike performance.

ORIGINAL/RESTORED—for the bike which has best preserved Ducati Superbike history.

It is possible that some bikes may be contenders for all three classes. E.g., a Supermono with original/period performance modifications.

Who are the judges?

Judges for the Superbike Concorso have been hand picked for their Ducati knowledge and expertise and will include:

Jeff Nash—a six-time road racing champion, AMA Pro Racing Board member, world renowned Ducati tuner and restoration expert as well as dealer principal of Advanced Motorsports, Jeff brings to the team cutting edge technical knowledge considered among the highest in the industry.

Rich Lambrechts—a noted Italian motorcycle restoration specialist, Rich's deep well of Ducati historical expertise is consulted by authors and museums worldwide. His accomplishments include the 2005 AMA Vintage Days Ducati historical exhibit "Passion In Motion, Ducati Style From 0 to 999."

Brian Slark—technical consultant and chief motorcycle restorer of the Barber Motorsports Museum at Barber Motorsports Park, Brian is the curator to the largest motorcycle museum in the world and oversees over 900 vintage and modern motorcycles.

In addition, Gianni Fabbro, senior designer of the 1098, will be featured as a technical judge of the online round.

Why an online round?

Because the 4 regional rounds may not accommodate everyone equally, an online round will allow those who cannot attend one of the regional rounds to participate in a nation-wide "online round."

We do recommend participation in a regional "in-person" round if possible. Photographs, no matter how good, cannot fully reflect small details that separate a great bike from a good bike.

How do I enter the Superbike Concorso?

Follow the instructions and submit your entry at www.ducatisuperbikeconcorso.com. You will receive an e-mail confirming your entry and then a representative from Ducati North America will contact you roughly two weeks before the selected round with further information.

Which bikes are eligible to compete in the Superbike Concorso?

All Ducati Superbikes, including Ducatis raced as Superbikes, 1972 and newer (models: 750 Bevels, 900 Bevels, TT1, TT2, F1, Supermonos, 851, 888, 748, 749, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1098) may be entered. The motorcycle must retain a Ducati motor and the frame must have started as OEM.

The bike does not have to be retail registered, but a title or bill of sale must show the entrant as the legal owner of the entered bike.

Race versions will be approved on an individual basis.

Can I enter multiple bikes?


Is there a deadline to enter?

You must submit your entry at www.ducatisuperbikeconcorso.com no later than two weeks before the regional round in which you wish to participate.


Round 1: California Speedway, Fontana, CA—April 13
Round 2: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA—July 6
Round 3: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH—July 20
Round 4: Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA—August 17

Online round entries will be accepted from July 1 to July 30th.

Will all submitted entries be allowed to compete?

Each regional round will be limited to 20-30 entries due to space restrictions.

The online round will be able to accommodate more entries, but not all entries will be selected to compete.

What happens after I enter?

You will be contacted by a DNA representative within two weeks of the regional event and informed if you were accepted to compete. You will be awarded a ticket to the AMA event, but you are responsible for transporting your bike to the event.

Regional events will proceed as follows:

Arrive Friday by 9am to check in, get your swag and set up your bike. Be prepared to clean/detail the bike. The bike is displayed in a secured area with overnight security provided.

The contest will take place on Saturday and the bikes must be removed by Sunday around 4pm.

Participants are encouraged to talk with spectators about their bike throughout the weekend.

Can I enter more than one round?

If your entry was not awarded any honors at a previous round, you may enter a subsequent round.

Are there any special requirements to enter the online round?

The requirements for entering the online around are slightly different. Online round entries require that 6 pictures be submitted: front, back, left side, right side, and two detail shots of the owner's choice. Since only photos of the bike will be representing your entry, better photo quality and composition are recommended.

Again, we recommend participation in a regional "in-person" round if possible. Photographs, no matter how good, cannot fully reflect small details that separate good bike from great bikes.

How does the online round proceed?

The online round will be judged by the same judges, in addition to Gianni Fabbro, using the same criteria as the regional rounds. Peoples' choice voting will take place online and the results will be considered by the judges in making their decisions. As in the regional rounds the winners of the online round will still be determined by the judges voting.

Two winners from the online round will be selected to advance into the finals. There will be no other classes awarded. Online round winners will need to have their bikes validated by a local dealership to confirm that the pictures are representative of the actual bike before final arrangements are made.

What do the semi-final winners win?

The regional round prizes are awarded as follows:

Best In Show—Ducati leather jacket and a trip to the final round on Ducati Island
Best In Class Modified/Performance—$300 Ducati Gift Certificate
Best In Class Original/Restored—$300 Ducati Gift Certificate

Two online round winners will win:

Best In Show 1—Ducati leather jacket and a trip to the final round at Ducati Island
Best In Show 2—Ducati leather jacket and a trip to the final round at Ducati Island

There are five rounds and 10 winners going to the finals, where do the other finalists come from?

One winner from each regional semi-final round and two winners from the online semi-final round makes up 6 finalists. The judges will then pick 4 "wildcards" that they feel are of the same, superior caliper as the other winners to compete in the final.

How do I know if I'm a wildcard?

You will be notified after the round/s in which you compete that you have made it into the wildcard pool. You will be given a card stating as such and will be notified as soon as the last semi-final round has been completed if you will be going to the final round.

How do I get to the final?

Ducati will provide a stipend to ship your bike to and from the final, airfare to and from the final and lodging.

What happens at the final?

The Superbike Concorso will culminate at Ducati Island during the final round of the AMA Superbike Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on September 15-16. The best Ducati Superbikes in North America will be on display and will vie for the title. Finalists will enjoy celebrity treatment and a weekend to remember. Out of the ten finalists, one will take home a new 2007 Ducati 1098 Superbike and two other extraordinary bike owners will be on their way to Italy for a VIP trip through Bologna and Milan.

What can I win at the final?

Grand Prize Best Overall—2007 Ducati 1098
1st Prize Performance/Modified—VIP trip for two to Milan Motorcycle Show/Ducati factory tour
1st Prize Original/Restoration—VIP trip for two to Milan Motorcycle Show/Ducati factory tour

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I've entered...headed to Laguna. My bike has been a work in progress for over six months now and its finally done. Wish I could share some pics but you'll have to wait. The bike came out better then I could have imagined...gonna be a cool weeekend!
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