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Could someone please do me a favour and report back on the following.
In urban and touring mode ride in 3rd gear on a flat road holding a constant 4000rpm or 4200 rpm for 100 meters or more. Should be doing a bit over 60 klm/h approx.

If I do the above the exhaust note sounds as if the engine is missing and bike feels like its surging. Change up to 4th and hold same speed it still feels weird. When it gets real bad the rpm gauge oscillates between 3000 and 4000 rpm even while holding throttle dead still.

Thankyou to anyone who could let me know if yours does the same.
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My engine stumbles at exactly 42 MPH at 4200 RPM in third gear. Only then. It's a little disconcerting since that's a fairly common speed just cruising around. I want to have a one-year service this fall and will mention it to the tech to see what's-what.

I want to have a one-year service this fall and will mention it to the tech to see what's-what.

My guess:

1. We can't replicate it
2. Have not seen that before
3. Normal

OP, if it's not raining when I get home I'll try to replicate it and record it just in case you need to prove that it is happening to others.
I've noticed the same thing and since this is my first bike, I just attributed it to my right hand. I'm due for my 600 mile break in service and will inquire as well.
My guess:

1. We can't replicate it
2. Have not seen that before
3. Normal

OP, if it's not raining when I get home I'll try to replicate it and record it just in case you need to prove that it is happening to others.
My dealer works on all six of my Ducatis, including the 1098R, and my BMW. They have never replied to a description of a problem with, 1, 2, or 3 above.

Thankyou for the replies. Will be interesting to see who else has this issue. And if someone with a termi exhaust and map key has the issue or not. Im thinking its the exhaust valve flap as this is around the rpm it opens and closes. But ducati say the flap opening points is speed dependent as well. I commute 50 klm a day in a 60 klm/h zone and this is the problem rpm for both 3rd and 4 th gear. Honestly its begining to shit me to tears.
I routinely ride at this speed in 3rd gear. 2200 miles and this has never occurred...
Disconnected the exhaust flap. Problem still there. Taking it back to ducati.
Hey guys, I have over 6000 miles on my 821 Dark and its about 14 months since I bought it. It is my 1 and only form of transportation so I ride it daily. I have noticed this problem that you mentioned as well, and I have noticed this the whole time I have owned and operated it. I am 100% positive that I have the exact same behavior going on at 4000 RPM at roughly 40 MPH. Mess around at 6000 RPM and you might find another "sweetspot" like I have. It really seems to get in the way of a good cruising speed sometimes :kaioken:

From the lite research I have been doing I am blaming the Exhaust Flap and the ECU. You can unplug the Flap but the Stock ECU is not going to like it and it's not going make your engine run any better - and I believe there is a post on these forums about it running worse, but I don't know about that personally. I would be very interested to see if this problem is corrected by a set of Termi's and the associated ECU upgrade.

Link to that post is here... http://www.ducati.org/forums/ducati-monster-821/66264-who-disabled-exhaust-flap-talk-me.html

This bike really has a personality of its own in my opinion, and I don't think it likes to be babied one bit :mad:. I was upset for MONTHS about this very issue but after some time I started to understand the bike better and I naturally adjusted my riding style to figure out how to make it all smooth. Other manufacturers/bikes may operate just as you would expect right out the box, but this bike takes a little more time, experience and understanding. Once you have all of that I am pretty sure you will not be sitting at 4000 RPMS unless your stuck behind someone :yo: (Or unless you are breaking-it-in.. so sorry for you)

Also, the other half the puzzle... I just started riding the thing really damn hard. I am NOT saying fast and reckless, but you gotta get a bit rough with this M821, it really does not like to be babied one bit. You can cruise, but it wants you to be up in a higher RPM than I initially thought/wanted to be...

Anything less than 3000 RPMS and the bike will be grumbling at you.

Between 4000-5500 things start to get good, maybe a good slower cruising pace as long as you stay away from the 4,000RPM/42MPH combo.

Between 5500-7800 is the bikes absolute HAPPY PLACE and this is where everything comes together for me. The shifting feels smooth as butter, the engine braking is very steady, the brakes handle the speeds just fine, the bike is really in it's element while in this range. (I did mention another spot around 6,000 but it's not quite as noticeable or distracting),

Anything Over 8000 and the bike opens up the gates of hell underneath you. Coupled with the ridiculously loud stock exhaust its just raw/full power vibrating throughout the bikes frame, seat, footpegs and handlebars. It feels very wild during these heavy throttle situations and it's equally as fun as it is unnerving :ahhh:

This is just my own opinions and experiences with the bike and other people could have vastly different takes on everything that I have said here. I don't expect everyone to be riding the same as I do and Im sure there are other ways to ride this bike than how i have described here. This is just my own personal experience.

Lastly, I still expect there to be some kind of solution to this problem though and just because you can "ride around the inherent fault" does not excuse it for being there to begin with, I hope it can be fixed.:mad:
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Have the same problem

I have the same problem, noticed it from the day I took it home. In urban, touring, and sport mode in 3rd-5th gears on a flat road holding a constant rpm or slowly accelerating, my bike surges. Makes for a really rough ride, it feels like I'm on a bumpy road when I'm not. The tech who did my 600 mile service said he felt it between 3-4000 rpms and told me to ride in touring mode.

When I took it back in, the lead service tech told me that he couldn't duplicate the problem when he rode it, though I doubt he rode it because the mileage hadn't changed. Then he said it was probably due to lean surging because Ducati makes the bike run lean to pass emissions. Then it was that I should avoid 5,000 rpms because that's where the flapper valve kicks in. He mentioned that termis come with a race map and that it might make a difference. I asked if he would re-flash the ECU but he said that the bike is not running in a dangerous condition and because he recently pissed off corporate he couldn't do it.

Does a re-flash from corporate cost individual dealers money?

This is my first Ducati though I've been riding for 25 years and I know when I bike feels off. I've tried riding with my wrist as stationary as possible and the surging is still happening.

From the time I noticed it and brought it up, the service guys have treated me like I'm crazy or like they know there's a problem but just want me to go away.

I've been researching trying to find a solution, like ECU updates, resetting adaptations, syncing throttle bodies, degreeing the cams, re-springing the throttle, and booster plugs. But what good is a solution if the guys working on the bike don't acknowledge the problem?

I traded in my R6 so the wife enjoys riding and will let me ride into the future, but I'm getting closer and closer to selling the M821 and going back to a Japanese bike.

Sorry for the diatribe but I welcome any and all thoughts or advice.
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My bikes in today for this reason be interesting to hear the outcome. I wonder if the rapid bike fuel controller would fix the issue?
Yes you can ride around it but you shouldnt have to. And theres always some roundabouts or tighter mountain corners that catch you in that rpm and it sucks
My guess:

1. We can't replicate it
2. Have not seen that before
3. Normal

Funny you should mention, order was

1. Have not seen that before
2. We can't replicate it
3. Oh that's normal
Faulty accelerator position sensor apparently. Was only just replaced 2 months ago. Haven't got it back yet. Be interesting to see if that fixes it
Good thing you caught it and it was addressed. Thanks for giving an update on the fix. One never knows, I could totally run into the same problem in the future.
Havent got it back. And no sensor apparently didn't fix it. Looking likely to be the mapping
I was interested to see your experience after the sensor, seeing as how I also had that sensor replaced on mine. I'm doing Termigoni's in a few months and I'll be sure to report in on my findings.
I forgot to ask at my 600 mile service but just picked up my bike after having termi's installed and it seems to have fixed the problem. I'll report back after a little more riding.
Good to hear. Mabe the up map that comes with termi fixes it? I havent got my bike back yet. Coming up two weeks now. As long as it gets fixed I don't mind the wait.
Still not fixed. Would hate to know how much this would cost if I didn't have warranty. Thats over a month its spent in the workshop in 6 months of ownership.
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