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A good start is setting the static sag and then loaded. About 20mm front, 10mm rear with loaded rear 30mm. I have increased my front compression 2 clicks, but think it's still needs a bit more rebound. Obviously this is for my weight (70kg) and roads.

My comment would be if you're going to make adjustments to your suspension, make sure you write down what they were to start with and keep notes of changes. Worst case scenario you can go back to where you were. I don't think its worth adjusting anything until the set up period (first service) to allow the suspension to bed in (IMO).

Also, do one change at a time so you can analyse the different. Go for a ride and think - what is the front doing / not doing? Is it compressing / rising too slow/quick?

Then make a change and ride the same roads again and take notes.

Or as suggested get a pro to do it. Good luck...
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