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Suspension settings SHOWA 1098base

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Okay I find the front too soft and the bike stands up in corners when I touch the front brake.

I wound the pre load (big 22mm hex) down to the last ring showing on the side and gave the rebound dampener (on the bottom of fork) a quarter turn in.

I also let the rear pre load off about a quarter inch or soo as the rear was very hard. I dont ride 2 up so I dont need too much in the rear.

Took the bike for a quick spin up and down the local hill climb and it feels a heap better. Seems to brake into corners better. I'll take it for a run Up the mounains tomorrow and Let you know if I make any more changes.
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Thanks for starting this, We need to discuss both suspensions along with setting sag, preload etc. I'm still waiting on my bike so i'm hoping you lucky ones get yours sorted and pass it along.
Any more changes with the suspension. Just got my 1098 last week and I initially feel like the front end is to soft and the back end is too high and stiff, especially when descending canyon roads. Any advice on the sag, etc. and how much do you weight? I'm a 150 pounder. Thanks and all the best!
I've done no further setting changes although the rear still feels pretty firm, I weigh 86kg and that seems to convert to about 190lb. The rear is high and it puts the weight over the front wheel where it is supposed to be, you'll get used to that.
1098s settings

My 1098s came with the rear pre-load set at 28mm.
( From the first thread to the top of the spring )

The manual says. 1098-S should be 23mm. Could any of you guy's please check yours.

Also are the Ohlins blue adjusters on the fork leg's supposed to alter the pre-load.

Mine don't do nothing except spin round !!


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I'm about 215 and my base was diving too much upon braking too. I added about 1/4 turn of compression damping and it's a lot better. I havn't touched the rear, which even for me is a bit stiff, but I like it because it seems to minimize my wheelies. Sorry fellas, I'm not a chicken, but wheelies and I don't get along....YET!

The sag setting from the factory seems to be set for a 190lb rider. That is what I weigh and when I sat on the bike it dropped 27% of travel on the front and 7/8 inch on the rear which is about right for me. The problem with the front is that the springs are way too soft on both Base and S and increasing the preload and compression is not the correct thing to do. Decreasing the rebound lets the front recover quicker and so rides a little higher. Stiffer front springs are my priorty purchase.
are 999 showa forks the same as 1098
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