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I am new here and I am sure this question has been asked a million time but I would appreciate if I could get the torque specs for a ducati monster s2r's 1000 swing arm pinch bolts, Thanks
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IIRC, About 32nm, or about 24ft-lbs.
Thanks for the answer so fast f.
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I have another question I have seen where the cover for the cam belts is removed I think it looks cool is that something that is wise to do on my s2r? there seems to be a part of the cover left on the top of the cams to keep the big stuff out what is your opinion Thanks
Personally I would expose them, rather put on some slotted carbon bits. This way they stay protected, which is most important, but also keep cool with proper ventilation, and the carbon is nice bling. You always need to be weary of rocks or similar debris to jump in there, which can ruin your ride and day very quickly.
Exactly. Getting some cooling air around the belts is good, but remember that the smallest fragment that gets between your belts and pulleys can break the belt, causing catastrophic engine damage.

Think bent valves, damaged piston and cylinder head..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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