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The cowbell thing is the evap canister. You can delete it from the bike. Typically with the stock tank you would 't' the two lines coming off tank into one line that vents underneath the bike. As far as the two nipples or hose fittings that are on the intake runners, you remove the fittings and use a suitable bolt or brass plug to replace the fittings making sure to reuse the copper washers off of the aforementioned fittings. Because the engine has vacuum at that point, the original intention of the system was to recycle gas fumes from the tank by "vacuuming" the fumes through the evap canister and into the intake. If you don't plug them, it's a vacuum leak with the possibility to suck in fine foreign matter into the engine. Not to mention it inhales a small amount of unmetered air into engine. So yes, you can delete the canister if you wish with virtually no consequences. However, I'm not sure what to say about your new tank not having the vents built in. I'd just make sure you dont over fill that tank.

Here is a link to the write up for the delete

Hope it helps
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