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I didn't quite see it in past threads. I had the original tank expansion problem and the tank was replaced under extended warranty for the same type. I paid ~$300 USD to get it coated and another $50 for shipping back in Feb 2012. Earlier this year, I still had maybe 1/8" of an inch. California does put ethanol in gas but I use gas saver like startron, and switch every 3-4 months whatever is in there since I don't ride as often.

I figure I can just remove the Ohlins damper and if I want to keep one, I just need to find an adapter (if any exist) on a spare Scotts I have. It'll look odd having that part exposed w/o a damper.

So is that about how long it lasts? Is there an adapter to mount it differently to avoid the damper touching the tank? (can't find any online). I have a ducshop 30mm triple if that matters.

Original tank before warranty change

Part of Ohlins damper touching the tank

what it looks now:
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