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TCX R-S2 Race boots (Size 43/US 9.5)

Up for sale is a pair of almost like new condition TCX R-S2 top of the line race boots. The very same pair worn by AMA champion Josh Hayes last season. Love the way they look and the quality is second to none. Unfortunately I have no choice but to let them go since they are not the perfect fit for my foot and only worn it about 4 times. These retail for $399 new, my loss your gain. Let me know if you have any questions


TCX R-S2 Boots

TCX's new top of the line Race Boot.

Precise Air Fit System:

The exclusive P.A.F.S. system used in the new R-S2 offers motorcyclists a revolutionary precise fit system that can be personalized depending on the specific foot shape and guaranteed by the inner volume adjustment system. Can be personalized depending on the shape of the foot and the level of performance required. The Precise Air Fit System housed inside the boot gives a practical and fast fit that can be adjusted by closing the zip and Velcro as well as by simply “inflating” the air chamber. The air chamber, if inflated correctly, completes the boot’s safety features (represented by T.C.S. and M.C.S.), protecting the instep and shinbone in the event of impact.

Race Performance Footbed:

The RACE PERFORMANCE insole is made from expanded, light and highly breatheable polyurethane and is fitted with a polyurethane gel insert in the heel area to absorb vibrations and deaden impact. Its special design features differing thicknesses and respects the anatomy of the arch of the foot, the forefoot and the heel, allowing correct distribution of body weight and offering a high level of comfort even after prolonged use of the boot.

"Soft Pad" Interior Padding:

The new inner padding is made from dual-component expanded polyurethane and shaped using a special molding process that prevents the material from deforming over time and gives it an anatomical “memory” that adapts to the shape of the ankle. The special shaping around the ankle and heel wraps the foot, preventing the bothersome undercutting effect of the boot. The feeling of comfort around the foot is enhanced by the presence of a Lycra lining injected directly onto the padding.

Torsion Control System:

TCX - pioneers in anti-torsion systems applied to motorcycle footwear, presents the evolution of the international T.C.S. international patent, devised in 1999, to ensure natural movement of the foot and counteract excessive torsion of the ankle above natural levels. Today the system returns in a new garment that is more functional and aesthetically attractive due to the insertion of carbon fiber injected into the polyurethane structure. The purpose of this carbon fiber is to further reduce the weight of the boot, to increase the structural support of the system and to increase resistance to impact in the event of a fall. The Carbon frame version of the T.C.S. system is also enhanced with a new joint positioned at the top of the boot. This joint has been designed to increase flexibility at the rear of the boot and allow the leg to return rapidly to the initial driving position.

Metatarsal Control System:

The M.C.S system uses the same concept as T.C.S. and has been designed to control upward and downward bending of the metatarsal . This is achieved through two stopping points designed to prevent any lesions to the joint.

Additional Features:

Polyurethane shin plate with iron mesh air intakes
Polyurethane shift pad integrated in the sole
Replaceable high-resistant alloy toe, rear and ankle sliders


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Just the ones my brother needed, since he works for SEO, he thinks he needs all those accessories for a scooter hahahaha

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