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tell me about rebores.

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I read about 944 kits and 966 kits.

I also read about nikasil bores.

The engine shop I talked to don't do any bore coatings, just a plain bore and hone.

Will these work with the piston and rings I buy or are the rings designed to suit the liners?
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The ring sets you will be supplied for any Ducati built after the early '80s will only be suitable for Nikalsil bores.
Replacing the bores on a late-model Ducati with cast-iron sleeves would be a backwards step.
When these large bore sizes were replicated in cast-iron in the early days they tended to develop 'chatter marks'.
I believe a lot of these 'stretched' designs from Ducati (large bores, short strokes and high revs) are only permitted by the use of the Nikalsil bore lining.
It has reduced friction and better heat dissipation than the old iron-sleeve technology.
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