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Temperamental '13 848 SF

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So.... Purchased a 2013 848 SF back in July and its been running great up until very recently.

ODO currently stands at just under 6000km's so its not exactly old or run down. In fact, bike has been immaculately cared for by previous owner.

In the past two rides the bike has been stalling after down shifting through gears and engaging the clutch on approach to intersections. This is the only time it has been happening.

No other noticeable faults with the bike other than this. RPM at stall point when clutch is engaged can sometimes be around 4,000rpm.

Has anyone here experienced something similar? Am I going to have to get the bike remapped or should I just try and change my riding style? (the later doesn't really make all that much sense as it didn't really happen start to happen until after about a dozen rides and a few months past.
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