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Termignoni Exhaust Slip Ons 1198

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Off of 2011 1198 with 1,500 miles. Sold bike. $900 or OBO


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Sorry for the pleb post, would this hook up to a '13 848 Corse SE? I can see the filter, would also need an ECU?
Yes they would fit but you would need the right ecu. If this listing comes with an ecu that's a hell of a price! Some autosol will clean up the ends of those termi's to look like new!
When looking at the pics. closer it looks like maybe in the little box could be the ECU. If you call your local Ducati shop they should be able to tell you about fitment, also on the price you can't go wrong.
Great price..

Free bump !
Just been offered an ECU which will suit fine. This is a great price for USD, AUD rate is fisting me!
AUD exchange rate plus shipping really kills this deal for Aussies otherwise I would be very interested
Will that ECU fit a 2010 848?
The ECU will physically fit but the map will only work with an 1198 as it sits.

You could however take that ECU (or your stock ecu) and have it reflashed with the DP map.

The pipes themselves and the air filter will fit your bike with no issues.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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