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I have a 1098 with full Termignoni exhaust and for me the sound is just about right.Never got tired of it,no matter how long a ride is. I bought my bike used with full exhaust already installed,so I have no experience with slip ons and how they compare performance wise to full exhaust.
I heard that full exhaust does more for 1X98 bikes than for 848 but in my opinion power gain must be over 15 HP over stock in order to make the difference noticeable for average rider.
When I was looking for my bike I test rode a 1198 with new style Termignoni slip ons and I think that set up was louder than my full exhaust. So if a noise is what you are after get yourself a newer style Termi mufflers. Used full exhaust sells for 1,000 - 1,600 depending on condition.
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