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Hey Everyone,

First post on here so please have some patience.

Some dip**** made an attempt on my bike (2013 Ducati Monster) last night and the ignition component is totally MIA. I mean you can look down in front of the gas tank and there is NOTHING left. They were thorough. Needless to say, the rest of the bike is OK and I still have my keys. How can I go about fixing this? I know the engine is bricked without the transponder so I'd like to use the original key, but I don't see any OEM ignition cylinders for sale on the Ducati part site and I'm reluctant to leave it up to a mechanic to scalp me after I got robbed blind by the police on "towing" costs.

Any ideas? I'll try to upload pics but seriously.... whole cylinder was smashed to bits and is no more.
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