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Thinking of selling

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Hi everyone. I have been thinking of selling my Desmo as I don't have much time to ride and it mostly sits on the battery tender. I have an immediate offer of $40k. Is that too low? The bike is perfect, completely stock with about 1900 miles on it. Any advice as to retail or trade in prices would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Will all original accessories go with the sale?

FWIW, I paid $42,500 for mine with ~3000 miles in March, 2013. I received all factory accessories except the sticker kit and coveralls.
Yes, I have everything that came with it including all books, keys, data acquisition software, stand, cover and manuals. I paid 444k about a year and a half ago. I some advertised for $52 to $60k. Maybe they are being optimistic.
I think at that price depending on actually viewing it, its a very competitive price. I'm on the other side of the fence and possibly looking to buy one. I'm personally looking to spend no more than 42k. I've found a couple at that price point. There are many that are advertised at 50ish. Don't know if they are selling though
In England a low milage example is selling for £40,000....thats around $60,000...!!!
Just because they're listed at $50K doesn't mean they're selling at $50K. $40,000 is generous for a d16rr in my opinion.
Yeah, there's advertising a bike and then there's counting out the money from a sale. I'd take time to do some really good photos of the bike, including some detail shots of where they would normally be dirty (provided your's is spotless). Pics of all the accessories nicely laid out including service receipts, manuals, CDs, the little plaque if you've got that too, cover, bike mags with the desmo test in them - you get the idea.

Then once its all done decide when you must sell it by, if its this year you're in the 40s, if its next year you're in the 50s and if there isn't a must sell date add another 5.

When it comes down to it, if you've got the most conclusive advert, the cleanest bike, the nicest pics and the price is on par with what else is out there, or better $1000 dollars cheaper, you'll hoover up all the interested parties first - then at least its your deal to lose.
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