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Timing belts change

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Hi guys
Bought a 2008 848 last November.

9000 kms on the clock. Previous owner used it for track days only. Pulled off the fairings, changed all the fluids. Had a leaky radiator so changed that. Did an oil change....stuff was still a lovely golden brown ( so the previous owner had obviously just done one....)

Should I get the timing belts changed? It's only done 9000 kms but I guess the original belts are 12 years old and I am guessing they are the original belts.

Didn't do a timing belt change on my alfa 147 gta at 40,000 kms and then it broke at 42,000 kms and destroyed the engine! Don't want the same happening to the duc but 9000 kms does seem very premature....
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Seeing as it has track days it has been raced so,early changes will help stop things like paragraph 4 happening,having said that some motors like the 750 Paso could run on one cylinder if you broke a belt because there was no interfence with the valves,my mates Paso was ridden 50-60 km when that happened and showed no bad after effects,they just pulled the plug and carried on...however most just self destruct and a few $ for belts is really worth it, ..and everything ages.
I would go ahead and just change the belts cheaper than replacing a motor. Plus you have piece of mind that it is done.
The belt manufacturer Gates says service life is eight years max even when stored/operated under perfect conditions.
Got my belts done at my local indy ex-ducati garage. The owner, Ducati academy trained mechanic, told me that new belts only have to be changed at most every 5 years unless you are seriously racing your bike regularly. He showed me the belts that came out of mine and they looked new! Better safe than sorry though.
Got my belts done at my local indy ex-ducati garage. The owner, Ducati academy trained mechanic, told me that new belts only have to be changed at most every 5 years unless you are seriously racing your bike regularly. He showed me the belts that came out of mine and they looked new! Better safe than sorry though.
I have wondered about that. I have a 2012 848evo I bought new and it has the 24 month change, in 2019 I bought a used 2013 Hypermotard SP and it has 60 month change, I don't remember the corresponding mileage to go with the month limit. Both bikes take the same part number belts.
What price peace of mind? I have a 2012 848 EVO and 1998 916, belts are changed religiously at 5000kms or 2 years for the last 15 years and have never had an issue, more money than sense maybe but these are not kawasukihonda’s after all!
The Ducati trained Indy shop that changed my belts said they don't need to be changed every 2 years....they don't deteriorate that much unless maybe you are riding alot of miles or racing. He showed me the original belts that came off my 848 at 9000 kms and they looked immaculate. 5000kms, maybe, every 2 years, no....
A visual inspection can be used to reveal premature wear but it should not be used as the sole reason to extend the service interval. I’ve seen broken belts that looked very good.
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Very true but are belts that delicate that they have to be changed every 2 years? They aren't made of such degradable materials are they?
Assume you are the manufacturer of a bike that has belted cam drives.
What would you write in the service document and why?

No 2 bikes are ridden the same way or for the same amount of time.
That's not the point. Do Ducati make the belts? Are they that crap that they only last 2 years when most timing belts for cars last 100,000 kms??? I have a 97 monster and still using the original belts, which I have checked and are still looking totally ok. It's overkill by Ducati to suggest every 5000 kms. 50 years ago maybe but with modern material technology, it's a joke and just a cash cow for them.
No they don’t make the belts.
Car belts are much wider.
Its your money and your choice.
Over the years Ducati has gradually relaxed its specified interval for cam timing belt replacement. The reasons are refined methods for setting belt tension accurately and probably better belts. The current Multistrada spec for example is replacement at 15,000 miles or five years. Belt replacement is a big money-maker for the dealer network so expect them (and others) to use FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to get you to change them prematurely.

It’s my understanding that a recent Ducati Workshop Notification has changed the service requirement to mileage only.

That’s good because the logic of changing the timing belts every two years escapes me.

The only explanation that I can come up with is that without SOME time limit, the timing belts would drop off the owners maintenance radar scope. The usual reasons for maintenance on a time schedule, don’t seem to apply here.

For example, for oil changes when the manufacturer specifies a time criteria, they're telling you if you ride every day, but for only short trips to work, then your riding habits subject the oil to a more severe service so you should use time, not mileage, as a guide. If you ride 100 miles a week, but do it in ten trips, you should use time, not mileage as your criteria.

Motorcycle riding is often different. If you ride only for pleasure once a week for 100 miles, then you should use mileage, not time as your change criteria.

Timing belts are made of kevlar-reinforced rubber, much like some tires that have no such time limit on their replacement. It’s easy to understand a mileage limit on timing belts since (except under unusual usage) it correlates directly to cyclic fatigue and wear.

So what’s so special about timing belts that they need replacement on a time schedule?

If you buy a new bike and then put it your private collection and don’t ride it for two years do you have to replace the belts? Of course not.

Conversely, if you have a track bike that lives at the red-line don’t wait to change your belts until 12,000 miles is up.
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Shazam.....you nailed it sir!! It's a money racket...I use my 848 for maybe 200 kms a month, stored inside . Yes, if it's a track bike, definitely going to get those belts changed often...

Aussie bob...

Car timing belts are wider? Really? Have you seen the timing belt on a Daihatsu 660cc Japanese ' kei' car. I have, I owned one....the belt on that was smaller than the belts on my 848.

The whole thing is a complete rip off ....
The whole thing is a complete rip off ....
Good point. I get it now.

660cc’s ?!
You call that a car?:LOL:
Def change them. Could lead to catastrophic failure. Cheap insurance for $300-400 installed. Will cost you $5k or more to rebuild the motor…
$150 if you do it yourself and no reason not to.
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