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So...headaches and shouting later...

New pirellis to replace what was probably stock tires gently loved but never really used. I put angels on this time as opposed to Diablo Rossi’s. I don’t ride as hard as some others, including some friends so the speed ratings didn’t feel to be worth the investment.

tips! What I learned!!
Grease A-F (yes, the shop manual lists a-f and almost all are from Shell) are easy enough to find suitable products at local auto part stores. Moly grease included.
Might be the previous mechanic, the one who put GD RED LOCKTITE on an oil filter! probably failed to grease many of the friction areas...so grease it up!

The zip tie trick to mount tires?! Use it!!
Damned if that rear wheel wanted to laugh at me for the uneven center channel that’s not really centered lol.
Other than the tire mounting frustration the process was pretty easy. Local shops charge $50 per wheel to mount a tire and that’s only when the wheels are dismounted from the bike. By then I might as well save $100 and do it myself.

The rear nut does take a special socket, Amazon has em. The front was a 30mm metric socket. Amazon again. I have 8 and 6 Allen sockets for the brake calipers and the bolts under the front forks.

I went hunting and hunting for info for these specific bikes - the shop manual has it. The info is just not floating around. Other bikes, sure maybe. This one? Nope.
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