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A couple of guys i ride with just put them on their 2011 Ninja 10R and 2012 Speed Triple. We rode about 14 hours on Sunday and their Angel GT's stuck well in the corners.

I like the Supercorsa SC, but i commute on my bike about, 300 miles a week. No issues in the rain. The only tire i used where the Q2 and i ran that on my SF848 after the Pirellis were done. I am also thinking about the Q3 which like they are a great replacement for the Supercorsa SC.

i'd like more life on the tires, but I don't want to compromise stickiness of a Supercorsa SC or Q3 (which i here are nice). From what Revilla is saying and by friends, it seem like the Angel GT with give me that.

I wouldn't use them for the track. I'm in Boston and I run a SV650 for the track in NH.

thanks for the feed back folks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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