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It all depends on what you want to get out of the tire. The Angel GT is a good tire aimed at decent grip and high mileage (6-10k depending on how you ride). Most people riding an 1198 want something with a little more "stick" under them, at the expense of mileage. But, if you use your 1198 to commute and/or take longer trips, the Angel might work for you. Just remember they are NOT a track tire, so adjust your riding accordingly.

Myself, I'm about halfway through my first set of Dunlop Q3's, and I honestly have nothing but good to say about them. The handling is very neutral, not twitchy but not slow either. They stick very well, and seem to be wearing fairly well (for a sport tire). My .02 :)
The Q3 and the Pilot Power 3 with the dual compound can give longer life for commuters, but still have the soft sides of the tire for when you decide to get it over.
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