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I have not seen ant Termi Titanium systems for the 1098.

The grade of Titanium that is used for making exhaust systems is almost always what is called "Commercially Pure".

This is the lowest cost titanium and bents easier than most other grades.

It does have the drawback of becoming brittle at high temps, I cannot remember the exact temp but it is around 700C.

Still pretty high.
Stainless steel does not have this problem.
On most 4 cylinder bikes even 700C is high enought to rarly see a problem occur. On big twins, the temp right at the exhaust posts can get that high. Believe it or not it is while idling with no air flow and lean fuel mixture, that they get too hot.

So many companies use stainless steel tubing where they bolt on to the cylinder head, where it is the hottest. This is only on twins.

So when a company like Akrapovic make a Ti system it will hold up, you will noit have any problems with an Akra Ti system.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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