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Took The Plunge!

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Hello all and thanks for the informative forum. It really helped to decide on getting my bike!
I put money down on my 2015 Red and will take delivery of it in January.
I want to extend my personal "Thanks!" to JB at MCC for meeting me at the closed store to do the deal. I got a great deal and JB has been great while I went through just about every bike in the store before deciding.
I originally looked them up because I was interested in the Scrambler. I had a 2007 GT1000 that I traded on my ZX14 and wanted to get a "traditional" Ducati for my run-about bike. Once I started looking at it, the 821 seemed more "traditional" Ducati than anything else other than a Superbike. Plus I wanted to get away from the DS motor with this bike.
Looking forward to having a great time getting ready for spring with you all!!
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Wow, thats awsom. Congrats!! Now we just need pics of that beauty....
Mine is coming in next week and being built then. They are delivering by mid-January.
Can't wait!
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