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torquing 749 heads with HDESA tool and torque wrench

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is there a video out there on how to torque the 749 head studs?

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I can't find the tool on their web site. But with the Ducati tool, you simply attach the torque wrench at a 90 degree angle to the engine and torque it the right setting.
went to ask a Ducati dealer shop mechanic and he said that once you torque the bolt and it stops when the hdesa tool hits the middle part of the head in between the 2 pulleys, he suggested to pull the entire thing out and keep the torque wrench in the same position and then torque it again until it clicks.
Gonna ask again for a second opinion as these gaskets are about $98 a piece.
Thanks Tye. I'll post vids so someone else can check it out for the future "Gnarly's" out there.
I guess, you don't have to do that though. As long as you aren't perpendicular to the tool, you'll be fine. In fact, I've done a lot of testing with a multitude of different tools and the results are the same no matter how you tighten it. Just remember to follow the 3 phase tightening system. Its important to tighten in order AND rest between each phase.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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