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Hey fellas,

So I have had a few things up for grabs for awhile on the classifieds and today during work I had a revelation of perhaps doing a major package deal and I was curious if any of you would be interested. I am located down in Charleston, SC so shipping or pickup would be from there. For other courses of delivery I'll be in Atlanta in a couple weeks, NC for 2 bike shows in Charlotte and Raleigh the first weekend in April, MotoGP in Texas after that and then finally Florida in early May. If someone wants me to bring some stuff along the way to save on shipping or you just wanna hang out I am most definitely down.

The deal I was considering doing was for:

Marchesini Magnesium Rims or I have a set of OEM aluminum Marchesinis

GB Racing Engine covers (x2) and GB Racing water pump cover (x1)

Pair of brand new Dunlop race slicks KR449 200/55/17 and KR448 125/80/17

5x10 open heavy duty trailer (Holds 3 bikes tightly, 2 is more comfortable though)

Flat linear Link and Ride height adjuster

Bitubo Rear Shock(Lightest and most adjustable rearshock available) and Bitubo Damper

Acculign Rearsets

ETI Fuel Cell with lifetime warranty

Pair of Brembo rotors at 5mm

If anyone is interested just lemme know, most of this has been up for awhile and I figured I would do a last post before it all goes on eBay. As for the price, just lemme know what you would be interested in, obviously 3 or more items would be a better cost benefit to most of you. Most of these items will change the entire setup of your bike as well.

The trailer is already for sale locally, but I figured you guys could get a better deal if you took it in on a package and you were local.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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