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Ok so a few mos ago I purchased 2 diagnostic cables...1 K&N High flow air filter and a DP ECUuuuuuuu...

Ok let me stop with the Christmas crap and get serious here.

In order to get this ECU installed I was trying to find a Ducati dealer to do their thang but no dealer would touch my bike.

Ultimately I decided to do this myself and purchased the cables needed to adjust the trim as instructed in a "how to" thread.

Once I obtained, tested and connected it all together (cables and ECU) I proceeded to reset my TPS and moved on to do the trim. If I remember correctly JPDiag program said that factory setting was somewhere between 18-22. I practice reading my ECU with my OEM one and it read a setting of 13.

I proceed to swap the ECU to the DP one, initially it struggled to stay on, I could smell the gas like whoa! So I lowered the setting to like 8 and eventually ended at 3. Took it out for a test ride, I felt it a lil sluggish them I got back to my garage, put it on N and died. I hooked her back up and lowered the setting a bit more...yes I was skeptical in doing so but I think I got to like -3 and it ran fine even after I got back from a test ride.

Now the bike isn't modified that much. I do have a cat delete, air filter and that's pretty much it oh and I run premium on gas too. Next in line is to open up the air box and core the exhaust.

Temp that day was pretty cool in the high 30's @ 1,142 amsl

I also happen to accidentally find out (after the fact) that I should be using a wideband o2 & A/F meter to see the mixture of each cylinder all which was not mentioned on the initial "how to" thread.

The question is, should the setting be that low for minimal mods to my bike? Has anyone done this and come close to this setting with similar mods?
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