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Hi All,

The bike:

-2012 Ducati 848 EVO
-Tuneboy EMS
-Exhaust valve delete with servo buddy to handle missing sensor signal
-K&N filter
-Slip on pipes
-LC-2 wideband controller and Bosch wideband sensor

The problem:

-Unable to register an AFR reading using the Tuneboy data logging software

Other relevant info:

-I know the sensor is working correctly, I can get a reading with the Innovate software, but not in the Tuneboy logging software:

-Wiring is currently per Wayne's recommendations from the LC-2 controller output back to the factory harness. I verified that the voltage output from the LC-2 output is giving a valid voltage signal:

-Did my best to follow all of the Tuneboy instructions step by step to ensure that this is not a setup or a logging process issue

The Question:

-Surely someone on this forum has gotten an Innovate controller to work with Tuneboy software on an 848 before. What did you do to make it work?
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