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Hello all--hoping somebody out there can help. I'm attempting to load a map (first one) from my Up Map T800+ into my 2012 1199S. I've had success connecting to the T800 via Bluetooth--but I'm getting hung up at the "firmware update" stage. It's not wanting to complete.

I've attempted about 8 times--each time it never gets very far---3%, 8%, 12%--once it even got to 20%--I was pumped! Then it stopped. The time estimate always runs out and the percentage doesn't change. I'm waiting 20-30 minutes sometimes. I've made sure the stop/run switch is set to "run". I've tried both key on and off. Neither position seems to make a difference.

I'm using an iPhone 11 with the latest UpMap app.

My question is: what's the normal load time for a firmware update on the T800? Surely it doesn't take more than 30 minutes?

Any advice/info greatly appreciated. I've sent an inquiry to UpMap in Italy but I don't expect to hear back.

Austin TX
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