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Hi, I'm new on here. I own a 2007 Sportclassic 1000S. I'd be grateful for help. Under the seat is the wire feed plug and socket to the tank fuel pump. I inadvertently caught the male plug and the 4 wires came out. Blue, white, black, red.

Please if you have a sportclassic and are able to lift the seat up. What is the correct order they should be in?

I pushed them back in but not sure they are in the right holes. There is a 1,2,3,4 moulded into the plastic connector.

I have the same problem with the wires that feed the double HT outlet coil attached to the rear of the airbox under the tank. A more difficult one to get at unless you already have your tank off. I have a brown/white and a grey/green wire. I don't know which hole to push them back up into on the plug. Please is anybody able to confirm which wire goes where.

Many thanks. Peter

PS. What's the urgency? I'm off to France on Tuesday. The Sportclassic 1000S is entered in a 4 hour/300 mile endurance race 9/10 July.
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