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is the Greatest Guy I ever did not meet. Srsly, I wanted to get a bunch of parts from a dealer in Australia but they wouldn't ship internationally or to a freight forwarder. They said they would only sell if payment was made in cash or bank transfer and cancelled my Ebay order. Giuseppe here offered assistance where he could and while it took a couple of weeks to arrange payment he still managed to pick everything up, measure and weigh everything, work with me to get them into boxes that would accommodate reasonable shipping costs and dropped it all off at the post office. Even though I paid for standard shipping I received it in 7 calendar days exact. I couldn't thank him enough and this is why I am posting here. He didn't ask for much (nothing, actually) so I hope the couple of bucks I sent him sees him well.

Thanks man, very very few people would have volunteered themselves, like this, for someone they have never met or spoken to.



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