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This is my 2007 Ducati 1098 with 9000 km on street use, after which being converted in a track use only bike.
now it got 12000 km.

Bazzaz Fi, TC, QS
Full 70mm Termignoni exhaust
Base gearing 14/38
stock engine (not ported, no nothing).
Stock 1098S fornt Forks Ohlins FG511
Ohlins TTX36
Carbon air ducts with larger air intake
DL1 Data Logger
Accossato 20'' brake master cyl
Lighter battery (600 grams)
Lightweight rear subframe (1 kg)
GiPro gear indicator

NO slipper clutch

Unfortunately i don't have a dyno run yet, but soon will do, her ein Romania we only have 2 or 3 dynos, from which some are broken sometimes.

Interesting to see that the Aprilia RSV 2014 cannot keep up with me on straight (the guy manages a 2 seconds lower laptimes than me usually). The guy came after the race to me to see what did I modified on my engine

Being on this track since a long time now and measuring my powers with others on straight after exiting the last corner i saw that the 2014 BMW can only overtake me with great great struggle - o could touch his elbow on straight three times with my elbow until his elbow passed mine (the guy compared to makes a 1,5 sec better lap time than me), the 2013 Kawasaki cannot approach me by any means (the guy compared to is lapping the same pace as i do), MV Agusta 2015 1000 F4 and Kawasaki ZX10R 2016 are passing me coming from behind, only after we reach the half distance of the straight line which has 700 meters before braking point.

To make it even more accurate, before this, i had a 25 000 km engine, which i really struggle with to keep up with the guys.
So, before going racing, and if you want to do it seriously, be sure to have low mileage or change pistons with rings / cylinders.

For now, is almost end of the season and for the winter i only plan to install some big compression pistons + porting + ECU - this being the perfect mod of bringing between 10-15 hp to the wheel without minding the stress and extra servicing care.

If you are interested on my updates and build, i'll post more.



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I am that kind of person very skeptical by default and who doesn't believe in fairies and horsepower born over night.

This Bazzaz unit i took from an italian guy who previously had it on his 1098 with 70mm termi - just like mine.
He made a map on dyno for it and when i bought it from him, the map was already in and i used that map.

I know that for the best results i must make my own, but for now, no dyno here in romania available so, i'll run with this one.

Still, the difference is noticeable, the power delivery is more smooth and it doesn;t give you the sensation of power growth, to be honest i can t wait to put it on dyno with and without the bazzaz, i'll put it here the results.

Still, with the bazzaz i felt that on the straights i have a better and constant pull, until red rpm where upshift.
I can make full usage of the Ducati's grunt advantage at low RPM to blast out of the corners, backed up by the TC i can now pull hard the gas early on, and the
So, conclusion, it worth the money.

The stock 1098 Ducati TC is bullshit, you cannot use it on track if you want better lap times.
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