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Well this is me asking you fellow Ducati riders to post up links to some of your own riding videos. I prefer your personal video links but if something is Ducati related and just too good to miss, go for it. Videos are the closest I can get to riding until November :( so please share. Also Im looking for good ways to record video as I am brewing a crazy plan that I hope some of you will partake in once its birthed. Basically my friend and I taking a month long tour of the US through sought after riding destinations, as well as maybe some video of us partying it up in some of the big cities near you guys, possible track day (oregon or cali?) and some days of just camping out at these scenic riding locations. Tentative dates are starting sometime May 2012 -June 2012. I'd love for some of you guys to tag along, maybe ride a leg of the journey with us, and show us some of the good riding spots/places to visit near you. Anywho more on this to come, PM me for more Info, and let the video links begin.


Basic route im planning on taking. not sure if this link works but the screen shots are numbered 1-10 in order of the journey. after being in portland which hopefully will be accompanied by a track day at oregon raceway, ill head down thru cali. plenty of riders from there on here that can direct me on a route. from there possibly vegas then back to texas. if anyone has any possible route alterations to suggest let me know.
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