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WANTED: Competition Werkes Exhaust, fender eliminator, & integrated tail light

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as the title says, I'm looking for the above items for my 12 848.

Interested in a exhaust (preferably the limited versions from the group buy that eliminated the gap). Would like to purchase with carbon fiber, good, or black cans.

Serious buyer in SF, CA.

Also looking for the matching Competition Werkes LTD fender eliminator kit and integrated tail light.

Please contact me if you or if you know someone that's interested in selling any of these items.

Thanks in advance guys!
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I just bought my ducati and the previous owner had competition werkes exhaust on it..not a big fan..so im trying to sell them..matte black...contact me if your interested!
Damn Toothless..a week too late. Ended up ordering them from Bellisimoto! :)
Dam!!should of joined the forum earlier lol.. Did you end up getting any fuel management... Mine is jerky on low rpms due to the exhaust!
Hey Toothless,

Yeah, I ordered the Rapid Bike Evo. Probably going to hold off on installing the exhaust until I get my Rapidbike pro in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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