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Well, the complainer is out!!!

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Always thought it wasent a good move for him. Happy to see he's going to LCR
Little doubt in my mind that Cal was NOT who Ducati needed.
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Little doubt in my mind that Cal was NOT who Ducati needed.
Yeah.. They've always needed an Aussie...
I liked Cal before but he kept bitching to the mags and that's not how you get the bike fixed. I am glad hes gone.
I had a brief chat with Cal earlier. I was polite. So was he, which is a new trend for him. I wished him well and suggested, light-heartedly, that my garage invite for this year might be revoked.
He said that I'm welcome in the garage this year or the next so perhaps I can get an interview with him once this has died down,
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It was so stupid for Cal to make the move to Ducati, absolutely the worst thing for his career and for them. So happy he's rumored to be heading to LCR. At least when he complains about the bike, the team can say "Its a factory Honda, so shut up!" LOL :D
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Riders sometimes forget that Factory Hire them to win racers for the brand and not the other way around
can some one provide me links of cal's complaining about ducati?
I didn't find the part on that link where Cal was complaining, but I thought Dennis Noyes' comments about him were interesting.
That not many people have made a bag of money at Ducati, and then bagged a factory Honda ride. Apart from Casey Stoner of course..
Crutchlow's first challenge at LCR will be to go quicker than Bradl, who was pushing the bike pretty hard, and who will probably be unimpressed with losing his ride to Crutchlow.
But Crutchlow has done a fair bit of complaining at Ducati. Whether that's by way of saying what he thinks, or speaking without thinking, he will need to be a bit careful if he wants his career to continue in this new corporate, media-orientated world that GP has become.
We know he's fast when everything is working for him, but young Marquez is demonstrating every time he's in front of a camera that this is not enough on its own.
The days of outspoken grumpy comments such as riders like Sheene, Roberts, Mamola and Doohan made are no longer tolerated. Unfortunately.
The sanitisation of our entertainment continues.
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