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What is rider weight limit before suspension needs upgrading?

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I have just purchased a 1198s and was wondering what weight the rider can be before I need to worry about upgrading the suspension?

I'm 230lbs
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New here, but from my understanding after reading a decent amount. And asking questions and receiving answers.

The suspension is set up for 3# weight settings. 200 and under. 200-to 250 and 250+. When I just picked up a set of 819's from Ohlins and thats how they listed it. But you will still have to set sag/suspension and spring rate to your weight. if you want the bike to be set up for track riding

Again I am new, I might not be right. Someone with more experience will chime in.
You need stiffer springs.

When a new bike design is tested, the motorcycle manufacturer has to make an assumption about the future owner’s body weight in order to specify the stiffness of the front and rear springs. Ducati assumes a 73 kg (160 lb.) rider+ gear weight.

Your bodyweight is significantly different from the standard rider so, you need a different spring to have the bike’s suspension place the bike’s center of gravity at the manufacturer’s specified ride height. The bike will sit too low for heavier riders so these riders will need stiffer springs in order for their bikes to be at the correct ride height.

The correct spring also assures that the suspension is in the correct point in its range of travel. The range of suspension travel is designed to be smaller for superbikes than for multi-use bikes that are intended to handle rough roads.
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Thanks Adam, thats perfect. Looks like I should be able to get away with just adjusting sag/rebound etc without needing to change the spring or shock internals
CORRECTION: My previous post incorrectly assumed that the 1198s is a monoposto bike — it's not, it's a biposto.

Biposto bikes are shipped with a stiffer spring than monopostos. Consequently, when you set spring preload to get the correct sag values for your weight, you may not need to use stiffer springs
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Thanks for that video Adam. Exactly perfect info for the OP.
And agrees exactly with my measurements on these models.

The only small question mark on the video for me was where the rider sitting on the bike had their feet on the floor (although the bigger guy was trying to tip-toe).

Ideally a third person should support/balance the opposite end of the bike to that being measured so the rider can assume their natural riding position.

The only other small question mark was Lisa'a 140 lbs. Unless she's shorter than she looked.

Not a criticism by the way Lisa. You look great..

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