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Selling the bodywork off my 848 to make way for new bodywork.

The side panels and upper are pearle white but not the same as the stock Ducati colour. They use a cream white and this is more of a pure white with a pearle finish on it. It's in good condition and fits well but unfortunately has no tail for to match. The tail I have is black/white/red Bayliss replica tail. Selling all fairings and tail for $300shipped and comes with double bubble windscreen and Dzus fasteners.

The bellypan is a 1pc Carbonvani long street pan with kickstand area. It has some scuffs where the kickstand is from a few yrs of putting the kickstand up and down. Belly pan is $450shipped.

If you want it all, I'll ship it for $700.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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