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Well I haven't owned an 1198. But have two friends that do and I've spent time on both. I have owned a 1098 and just sold my 1199. And I would say it depends on what u want out of the bike.

IMO the 1198 has more character and with the instant torque maybe for just riding around and such. But the 1199 is a faster motorcycle and easier to ride fast. At least at the track. I'm not the fastest guy at a trackday but deffenatly not the slowest either.

I'm only 5'7" tall and the 1199 is much more comfortable. Shorter reach to the bars. It steers much quicker than the older chassis also. It's 1000cc inline 4 fast!

I'm getting older and just got rid of my 1199 for the new monster 1200. But if I were to go back and do the Superbike thing again I would do the 1199 over the 1198. Like both bikes allot but the 1199 checks more boxes than the 1198. Hope this helps.
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