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WTB: 916-era Specialty Bikes

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Hi all... I have an interest in 916-era specialty bikes. This is more about collecting than riding, so I am looking for low mileage (< 5,000 miles) pristine bikes that are as original as possible.

Bikes that I am interested in: 1995 Varese-built 916, 1996 916 SPA (aka SP America), 916 SP, 916 SPS, 996 SPS, 996R, 998 R, and 748R.

Appreciate any and all leads. Prefer US and Canada locations, but would consider global for something unique (such as the 916 SPA as only about 50 of those were made).

Thanks much.
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Unfortunately she has 14k miles.. Still beautiful!
There was a 996r on the forum for sale recently, I'll dig it up! http://www.ducati.org/forums/bikes/61180-2001-ducati-996r.html
Thanks...appreciate the help in looking. That's a great bike and want to be sure to note that there's nothing wrong with mileage, especially if a bike has been well taken care of. In my case, however, I'm holding out for lower mileage examples from a collector's perspective.
Gotcha, well goodluck! Would love to see your collection when your done! Keep us up to date!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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