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WTB: Arctic White Seat Cowl

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Hi everyone, i am now looking for an arctic white seat cowl if anyone have one for sell. PM me with price pick up or shipped to CA 92821 or i can pick up if near. Thanks
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All colors of seat cowl go fast... I'm looking for one same color as you..

Game on!
True, they are hard to find, bought the Pearl White one, and i think i am gonna use it first, may repaint arctic white later. That's what i am thinking.
for 40 bucks I'm going to try an ebay (china) one.
I would rather wait because it is just waste of money to buy it from China, and they don't look as good as the from OEM Ducati. It doesn't mean China stuff isn't good, but i would spent $40 more or even $60 for a real one.
I just need a flat surface for go pro on track days :)
Chine one will do the work. Good luck
Found one. Thank you ducati.org
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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