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Hi all....I am on the hunt for a pristine pair of Ducati 916 first generation gold 3 spoke wheels. The first gen wheels have "Ducati Racing" embossed into the rear wheel casting near the center hub whereas the second generation did not. Another distinguishing characteristic of the first gen wheels is that the directional arrows are on the outer rim lip, whereas the second gen wheels have the directional arrows on the spokes. I am looking for a set of these to go on my 1997 916 SPS as the prior owner put Dymag carbon wheels on the bike and the original wheels are missing in action. I am ultimately looking for a pristine set in original condition (e.g. with original paint). Hoping that perhaps someone has a set that were take-offs from back when their bike was new. These are hard to find and I understand that, so I am willing to pay appropriately (in other words, I am not looking to pick these up on the cheap). Another option would be if you have a low mile bike with these wheels still mounted and would be open to changing to 5 spokes or some other after market wheel, we could work together to find new wheels in exchange for your original 3 spoke wheels (plus or minus some cash depending on the situation).

Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.

The first gen wheels were sold on model years 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997. Beginning with model year 1998 Ducati moved to the second gen gold 3 spokes.
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