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WTB or duplicate: 749/999 upper engine mount bolt spacer

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Looking for the spacer from a 749/999 that came stock on the shifter side of the upper engine mount bolt. Anyone that has installed a paddock stand pin collar knows of this spacer, or maybe anyone who has dropped their engine. It is often seized to the frame and can be a bear to remove.

Ducati Omaha confirmed that these spacers were not sold separately and can only be sourced from a complete frame. So anyone with a heavily damaged frame sitting around that would be willing to part out that spacer it would be greatly appreciated. I've emailed Gotham Cycles and Imperial Sportbikes with the same inquiry.

Alternatively, anyone with easy access to one of these spacers or someone who has one sitting in their garage but is not willing to sell it, if you would provide me all the measurements for me to potentially get one machined that would be a great help as well. Thanks fellas.
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Still in need of these spacer dimensions -- can anyone help out? I'm stuck with a paddock stand I can't use!
A picture of what you are looking for would be awesome ?
I'll see if I can find one -- it doesn't show on any parts manuals and the only one I've ever seen is in a bursig paddock stand video, so maybe I can get a good screenshot of that this evening
WTF, I haven't been able to find any pics of it due to it not being available without the purchase of a whole frame/bike, but it's shown in this Bursig video at about the :34 mark. It doesn't show the removal of it from the shifter side, just the re-installation on the brake side.

That's a pretty basic and non specific application. Your specifications will be an OD that slips in the the frame hole plus bolt diameter with a length of approx 3/4". No big deal.
Yeah I did some measurements tonight, so I'm going to move ahead with trying to get one machined. We'll see how it works out.
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