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I'm looking for some panniers and a top box for a 2013 Multistrada, preferably OEM but I'm not picky. They can be used.


I have a Ducati red top box for a 2011 MTS 1200S touring, that probably would work. You should verify through a dealer that the tubular mounting brace (bracket) for that year, which I can also provide, would work for your MTS. Condition is as close to mint as a used one can be - don't see any scratches or mars.

I can also let you buy the soft luggage I have from Ducati that is custom fit for this, and the two side panniers - so three luggage pieces. These are pristine, never used and still loosely wrapped with original plastic bags. They are black with leather trim, and have the Ducati embossed emblem if I recall. You can see them in a catalog.

I think it makes most sense for you to pm me if interested in discussing price. These won't be discounted deeply due to their being in such excellent condition.

I haven't used pm yet, so let me know here if I don't respond and I will figure out what I need to know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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