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WTB: Stock/OEM Exhaust/ECU/Filter for 2010 848

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Hey everyone!

Looking to replace my full Termi exhaust with a stock/OEM system that will work on a 2010 848 Dark (including ECU and filter of course). Need something in very good/excellent condition. No damaged units please.

As a side note... Are there any tricks/tips to doing this swap? Any potential pitfalls/problems I may encounter? I'm hoping it is a simple unbolt/unplug and then swap. However experience says that's unlikely the case.

Anyone able to help me out?

Thanks in advance!

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Where are you located? Would swap you mine.
I have stock 08 848 slip on exhaust and filter if you're interested. Send me a PM.
Thanks for the replies and PMs everyone!

I was able to finally source some locally and get things squared away.

Much appreciated!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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