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WTT 2010 Aprilia RSV4 for 1098 Streetfighter.

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Love my RSV4 but looking for a change. Looking to trade my near mint bike with just under 6K miles. Akro slip on, Bazaaz fuel control, etc.

Never been down, tracked, etc. Title in hand. Located in Florida.

Looking for a 1098 S model only in similar condition and miles. Will add cash for right bike.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Zaremskas

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Damn, if you were not looking for a street fighter i would be all over this. Beautiful bike, good luck.
The SF1098S is downright awesome. My dad has one and I'd take it in a second. It's a special bike in my opinion. So is your current bike, just in a different way.
Good luck with the sale I have a SF 1098S and they are special.
Thanks! Looking forward to getting one!!
Answered. Let me know if anything changes!
Woo, snagged this. Getting picked up in a day or two.
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Sold! Have fun Red! You'll love it! Now to pick up my SFS this Saturday!!
Good job Harith! Get back to us on what you think of the bike.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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