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I have a 2011 Ducati 1198SP black aluminum fuel tank I'm looking to trade for a red aluminum tank
The one I have is in excellent condition,it's clean inside and outside,no dents,no scratches. It has original paint
There's only one tiny little scuff in the clear coat,hard to see,you have to be looking for it. If it's waxed,you can not see it but I want to point it out
It will buff out but it's so small that it makes no difference for me.
I just put the tank on my bike today,and it looks good,however I didn't fall in love with the look. My bike is all red,with the exception of a CF belly pan and I think I would be happier with a red tank.
These are the pictures of the tank on my bike,just to give you guys an idea how it would look on a red bike
Anyone willing to trade? I really don't want to repaint the tank red,Please PM me


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