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HI All I have few things I would like to part with. The Gear is for a friends family, all the other things are going to support my HS club that I self-fund so I can finish this project this school year and bring the finished product to mid-Ohio vintage days this summer and start another project with the kids next school year. Thanks for looking! All prices do not include shipping. Paypal is ok but buyer is responsible for the fees or sends as a gift. If you in the Albany area or close buy you are more than welcome to pick it up or try things on.

The first grouping is for leathers, and stuff here is a link to the pics

Leathers Forsale Photos by teacher9 | Photobucket

Dinese Wave 3 Back protector- (Medium) - $125
Alpenstar tech race protector – (Medium) - $90
Dinese Kit E Nero size N - $40

Arai Quantum 2 Silver (no shield) ( Medium) 7-7 1/8 57cm-58cm - $150

Vanson Black, silver, red jacket SZ 42US Mark3 technical - $350

Jackets and pants: Selling as a set “not separately”
Vanson WOMANS full perf us size 8 jacket and size 8 perf pants NEVER WORN- $550.00

Alpinestars Race Replica One-Piece Suit (Size 42 us) (Brand New never worn) - $1300.00
Alpinestars Race Replica Leather Suit 3156012 (Size 42 US) - $700.00

The Next thing I’m selling is an Ohlins DU 5110 I bought from a board member about a year ago for a school project I’ve been building with a handful of High school kids. It was just serviced and has a new retaining collar and a hyperpro spring (I don’t know what it is weight it is sprung for) it has not been used by me since I got it. I’m trying to recoup what I have into it so I can finish this project - $500.00
Here is the link to the pics

teacher9's Library | Photobucket

Lastly I have an oddity and I don’t know if anyone is interested but if you are here is your chance to own 6 (3) VA-4F 749R camshafts) and (3) OA-4F 749R camshafts) along with (6) 749s Opening rockers and (6) 749 closing rockers this should be everything needed (except machine work) to convert your 999 motor into an animal, from what understand. What you see in the pics is what you get. 4 of the cams are BN and in the box’s ,the other 2 look new to me but are not in the boxes, all the openers are new only missing 2 boxes. The closers in bags and there are no boxes. I got these from a friend in hopes of building some type of wild grenade motor but I’m just not going to do that anymore and I could use the money to fund the next school project for the kids I teach so if anyone is interested I’m selling everything as one, I won’t separate any of it. I’m sorry but I don’t want to piece it all out. Here are the pics

749R Cams And Rockers Photos by teacher9 | Photobucket

$ 2000.00 for all of it!
Thanks all for looking
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